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Tai Supplements International Co., Ltd.

Established in 2023 as a food supplement manufacturer thailand, aiming to provide nutrients that may be lacking or insufficient in a person's regular diet.

Supplying every nutrient in the body, making sure you are fit and healthy!

You Tai Supplements food supplement manufacturer thailand


Production of supplements

food supplement manufacturer thailand


Research and development services


Product design service, label, and packaging


marketing consultant

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Aiming to develop and produce high-quality  food supplement manufacturer thailand that provide nutritional support to individuals. Get a hold of a one-stop service, produced products in OEM ODM style, ready for you to be the owner of a cosmetic business under your own brand!

Want to create your own brand with quality food supplements? We introduce to you You Tai Supplements food supplement manufacturer thailand : ensuring quality, accessibility, convenience, and satisfaction at a friendly cost! Worry less and contact us now!

a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience exclusively designed for you.

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Unique Formulation

With regard to formulation, it is based on other countries, namely: the United States, the Philippines, etc., thus, ensuring that the products are different from those that are already in the market.


We import ingredients ourselves from countries such as China and Korea. With over 160 ingredients from our own manufacturing, it is cheaper compared to others while maintaining the best quality of products.


We export directly to Korea, which makes us more than qualified for the job of manufacturing supplements for your access.

One-stop Service

We provide everything from the formulation to packaging; less worries, more convenience.

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